About Us

The Chourasia Khadya Bhandar rail ticket agency help those people who want to book their ticket in bus train and flight. They don't need to suffer croudy and rush of road for bus ticket agency rail ticket agency and air ticket agency to book ticket and various types of recharges including mobile phones and dth recharges etc. So we offer better service in khas kajora colliary in kajora gram at burdwan relating what you want, to recharge and ticket booking in khas kajora.We provide better bussiness agency as regarding to recharge and ticket booking.

Our Mission

The ck bhandar is fastest growing bussiness. It has successfully establishing itself as a providing distributorship in all market segments which it has explored.The ck bhandar has spread its wings in highly competitive sectors like distribution of smartshop agencies, travel services, mobile recharges and so on

It removes problems travelling under ticket booking and recharges on stations.